6 Pennies from the 1800s Worth a Lot of Money

Over the past 167 years or so, when the U.S. Mint struck its first smaller-sized penny, there have been numerous varieties, errors, grades, mis-strikes, mint marks and more that have affected pricing in coin markets. 

It’s rare to find older coins in good condition. If you’re lucky enough to find one that survived, some coin collectors may be willing to pay large sums of money to add it to their collection.  

The smaller penny wasn’t coined for circulation until 1857, but a few hundred proofs were coined for inspection by members of Congress a year earlier 

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The 1856 coin was minted in Philadelphia with an extremely low mintage of 634. CoinTrackers.com estimates a penny in average conditions to be worth $8,000, and one in mint state could be valued at $25,000 

The 1864 Indian Head penny has an “L” on the ribbon behind the Indian Head and next to the bottom feather. A coin in good condition is worth $68, and uncirculated is around $519. 

The 1871 Indian Head penny is part of a series of Indian Head, Shield Reverse coins struck between 1859 and 1909. A coin in average condition is worth around $60 

The 1872 Indian Head penny is another valuable coin and part of the Indian Head, Shield Reverse series. The coin was minted in Philadelphia has no mint mark, and CoinTrackers 

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