A Secret Ingredient That Makes American Grits Creamy, Smooth, and Extra Cheesy  

Skip the water. Grits are often cooked in water, but chef Lopez switches out the H2O for chicken stock 

Get the good grits. You might not have time to get a bag of Wiesenberger Stone Ground Grits before your Kentucky Derby party

 but it's worth ordering a bag so you can upgrade your future grits. The central Kentucky-based company has been running

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their grain mill for six generations and have been making authentic stone-ground southern grits since 1865. Fans say they make "the best grits ever."  

 Crank up the corn. To really amp up the corn flavor, mix in some corn kernels, which will also add color and texture to the grits.

Chef Lopez goes with roasted corn that's cut off the cob, but cooked frozen corn will work, too. 

 Double down on the cheese. The finished grits are topped with shredded cheddar.

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