Affordable and Healthful Food Products at Aldi in the USA  

Many items are cheaper at Aldi than what you'd find at more mainstream stores like Kroger, Trader Joe's or Publix.

Canned Goods You can find a variety of affordable canned goods at Aldi, including canned vegetables.

Belmont Pie Bites Belmont’s Pie Bites are a bite-sized favorite of Aldi regulars.

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said Ashley Schuering, an avid Aldi shopper and founder of Confessions of a Grocery Addict.

Select Meats Meat can be expensive, especially if you're in the market for healthier options. 

But you can still find a few affordable options at Aldi. "I don't usually buy a ton of meat because it is so dang expensive.

I also don't like to buy meat unless it's raised and slaughtered humanely, which bumps up the price a lot more," said Schuering.

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