American Recipe for Mayonnaise Biscuits in a Muffin Pan

These easy drop biscuits are an excellent starter recipe for beginner home cooks who have never made a biscuit recipe before,

Why use mayonnaise in biscuits? This unconventional biscuit ingredient seems really strange at first glance, but it gives these biscuits a very tender texture. 

Mayonnaise is simply an emulsion of eggs and oil. The fat content of mayonnaise is able to replace the butter in this recipe.

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Gather the ingredients. Mayonnaise - Mayonnaise is a substitute for butter in the biscuit recipe.

The fat from the oil and eggs replaces the butterfat and makes these biscuits incredibly easy to make.

Use full-fat, traditional mayo for the best result. Hellman's or Duke's are the favorites around here.

Buttermilk - Buttermilk is a standard ingredient for most Southern biscuit recipes.

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