American Recipes for Jello Salad  

Classic Jello Salads Although some of these recipes may have peculiar ingredient combinations, particularly the savory ones

you’ll be surprised by how delicious they are. These classic Jello salads brought families together then and still do today.

Sweet jello salads We begin our vintage Jello salad journey with some of the most sweet and fruity recipes

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Utilizing flavored Jello, these recipes not only offer a pleasant taste but also a pop of color, making them a feast for the eyes.

Crown Jewel Dessert This colorful Jello salad is made with three different flavors of Jello combined with creamy and fluffy Cool Whip. 

 a unique appearance that resembles stained glass.

Lime Jello Salad Enjoy the zesty flavors of lime Jello paired with crunchy nuts, soft marshmallows, and delicious fruit cocktail.

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