American Recipes for Prepared Brunch  

A savory mix of eggs and sausage gets tossed with cubed bread in a trusty 13x9 pan.

Hash Brown Egg Bake This recipe is just about as easy as tearing open a package of frozen hash browns!

The savory, cheesy casserole is quick to put together. If you look for gluten-free hash browns, this recipe is an easy gluten-free breakfast, too!

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Brunch Ham Enchiladas These saucy, eggy enchiladas are a zippy twist on the usual plate of ham and eggs.

Assemble the enchiladas the night before, and they're quick to bake in the morning.

Pumpkin French Toast with Bacon Maple Syrup Custard-y French toast tastes even better when made ahead, since the bread

This fall-themed French toast bake is rich with maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice, but you can modify it to suit more seasons

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