American Veterinarians' List of Happy Dog Signs  

Unfortunately, our dogs can’t tell us, so it can be hard to know if they’re truly happy or just making do with their surroundings. 

They have their basic needs met. It’s hard to be joyful if your basic needs aren’t met, and the same goes for dogs.

“When I think of ‘happy,’ I think about welfare and that a dog has all their needs met,” said Dr. Kate Anderson

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They have relaxed body language. “Happy dogs should have very loose body language,” Anderson said. “They shouldn’t have any tension.

They have relaxed facial expressions. Dogs and humans have similar facial muscles, Flynn explained, so certain facial expressions can show if they feel content.

There’s a set routine for your pet. Just like toddlers and young children, dogs like things to be predictable, Anderson said. 

“It’s not that they don’t want novelty and excitement, but they don’t want the whole world to be constantly different,” she noted.

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