America's Healthiest Foods That Most People Don't Eat

Quinoa Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that has gained popularity for its high protein content and essential amino acids,

It’s also rich in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and various beneficial antioxidants.

Chia Seeds Chia seeds are tiny but packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium, making them a valuable addition to any diet.

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Their gelatinous texture when soaked in liquid is not appreciated by everyone.

Tempeh Tempeh is a fermented soy product that’s a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamins

It’s particularly popular among vegetarians and vegans as a meat substitute.

Okra Okra, with its high fiber, vitamin C, and folate content, is beneficial for heart and digestive health, but its slimy texture can be off-putting for some.

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