An uncommon bicentennial quarter valued at around $89 million USD: Nine more gems valued at over $999,999 

The star of the show, this bicentennial quarter features a doubled die obverse, a minting error that resulted in a distinct doubling of the design elements on the coin's face.  

With only a handful believed to exist, its estimated value of nearly $89 million USD makes it one of the most sought-after coins in history. 

The first dollar coin issued by the United States Mint, the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar holds historical significance and rarity.  

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With fewer than 150 known to exist, this coin commands prices well into the millions at auction, making it a coveted piece among collectors. 

Infamous for its legal disputes and rarity, the 1933 Double Eagle is one of the most storied coins in numismatic lore. 

Despite bearing the date 1804, this silver dollar was actually minted years later, making it one of the rarest and most desirable coins for collectors.  

With only 15 known specimens, it consistently commands prices exceeding $1 million USD at auction. 

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