An unusual quarter commemorating 100 years, nearly worth $100 million: Three More Are Worth Over $40+ Million USD. 

Among these rarities are a series of quarters commemorating a century, whose value has soared to staggering heights, nearing a collective sum of $100 million.  

As collectors delve into its fascinating past, they uncover not just a piece of currency, but a symbol of national pride and ingenuity. 

Adding to the intrigue, three more of these coins have recently emerged, each commanding a value exceeding $40 million USD.  

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The genesis of this remarkable narrative lies in the United States Mint's decision to mark a significant milestone – a centennial celebration captured in the form of a quarter.  

In 1999, the U.S. Mint initiated the Statehood Quarter Program, a ten-year series commemorating each of the fifty states.  

What distinguishes these quarters from their counterparts is a subtle but significant error.  

Dubbed the "extra leaf" quarters, a few of these coins were minted with an additional leaf on the ear of corn depicted on the reverse side.  

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