Baby Boomers' Reluctance to Eat Modern American Foods  

This list shows 10 foods that are popular with millennials but often ignored by baby boomers. 

Pizza Rolls Another food that is loved strictly for nostalgia and convenience is pizza rolls.

With them being ready in just a few minutes, pizza rolls are something millennials will never let go of, while boomers prefer pizza the traditional way.

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Ube Ube is a food from the Philippines that certainly catches diners' attention with its vibrant color. 

This strange food has a dessert-like consistency with a very unique, indescribable taste.

Mocktail Everyone loves a good mocktail. These delicious drinks have no alcohol content, and many millennials

turn to them after a long day for a refreshing, flavorful drink. Millennials are okay with no alcohol content in these, but boomers seem to prefer that good buzz.

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