Best Local Ice Cream Shop in USA

Love really does make things taste sweeter. And the owner of Cammie's (it's Cammie herself) would agree. A few years ago, she decided to start making all 47 flavors 

They make small batches of unique flavors. While you're in the northernmost state, try the Baked Alaska, a waffle cone topped with a dollop of torched marshmallow cream. 

If Alton Brown says it's good, you know it must be true. His favorite pick at Sweet Republic is the Toffee Banofi sundae—but all of the options, inspired by the owners 

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a tangy and rich buttermilk ice cream. If you can't make a stop at this local creamy, try making your own cool dessert at home. 

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy ice cream—and so does Dearbella. That's why they make their ice cream with coconut milk so that even vegans or people with dairy allergies can know what it's like to "Treat Yo Self 

A scoop or two of the retro banana pudding ice cream atop a crispy homemade waffle cone is as photo-worthy as the store itself. 

Even ice cream shops are jumping on the farm-to-table trend—like this Connecticut creamery that prides itself on its "cow to cone" freshness. 

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