Biceps Exercises That Will Get Your Arms Crazy-Sculpted With Dumbbell

It’s hard to overstate the importance of these muscles, which are called into action any time you bend your elbows, lift or pull something, or rotate the forearms 

As the “bi” in biceps indicates, they are made up of two sections: the long head and the short head. When you select the best exercises to strengthen your biceps 

While it’s easy to turn to the tried-and-true biceps curls, if that move is growing stale, not giving you further results, or creates discomfort 

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When it comes to seeing results for all the effort you’re putting into your biceps, we’ve got good news: You may see improvement as soon as the following week. 

Each person is a little different, though. As you become an intermediate or advanced lifter, it may take longer to notice changes, and other factors like nutrition also play a big role in the timeline. 

Targeting your biceps once a week on the low end should be enough to maintain their health. But if your goal is to grow the muscles, “that’s when you want to start exploring the concepts of frequency 

Just like with building strength in other muscles, you’re going to want to find the right volume and intensity when working your biceps 

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