Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Authentic Mexican Cuisine In USA

Authentic Mexican Chalupas If your concept of chalupas is from a popular fast food restaurant, the one in the photo may appear meager.  

These are actual, authentic Mexican chalupas, and their flavor and texture will make anything else you've tasted pale by comparison

Chicken Enchiladas Suizas Verdes While we may be more familiar with the red variety,

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enchiladas also are can be made within a delicious green (verde) sauce, that livens things up, and offers a nice change of routine.

One of our favorite vegetables is zucchini. This explains why our family loves this stir-fried zucchini so much.  

Sweet tomatillos give that sauce the lovely color, and mounds of cheese are what make this easy recipe such perfect comfort food.  

Tinga de Pollo This traditional Chicken Tinga Recipe is made with tender shredded 

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