Common Errors Made in the USA When Cooking Chicken Thighs  

Many of us automatically grab chicken breasts when shopping, valuing their versatility for baking, grilling, shredding, and adding to soups.

Buying The Wrong Kind Whether out of convenience or habit, you're probably used to buying boneless, skinless chicken.

We're not here to shake up your entire shopping history, but we do recommend rethinking your chicken game when you switch to thighs.

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Washing Them Like frying with olive oil and oversalting pasta water, rinsing raw chicken is a bad kitchen habit you need to drop.

We understand the temptation to wash off what might seem like slime, especially when dealing with less-than-pristine cuts like chicken thighs.

Removing The Skin Getting past your initial hesitation to purchase skin-on chicken thighs is only half the battle.

Yes, dealing with the lumpy, awkward shape might be a bit tricky, but that's a minor hurdle compared to the idea of keeping the skin intact during the entire cooking process.

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