Common Errors When Using Canned Salmon in the United States  

While usually not as versatile as fresh fish -- except when making a salmon loaf -- canned salmon is a fantastic alternative to fresh salmon.

Not Draining It Properly When you open up a can of salmon, the first thing you probably notice is the liquid the fish is sitting in.

You should absolutely drain canned salmon before eating, as this liquid can dilute flavors and affect the texture of your dish, no matter what you're putting the salmon in.

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Using The Wrong Type Of Salmon You might be surprised to learn this, but there isn't only one type of salmon out there.

There are five main species of Pacific salmon found in North America, as well as one found in the Atlantic Ocean, and two found in Asia. 

Overcooking The Salmon During the canning process, the salmon is cooked thoroughly, so you won't have any raw pieces to deal with

Not Removing The Bones And Skin When you buy fresh salmon, it often comes with the salmon's skin and bones attached. 

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