Copycat Recipes for Restaurant Appetizer In USA

Red Robin Crispy Fried Pickles Copycat Order up! This recipe for "pickle nickels" has all the crisp of Red Robin's version,

but baked in the oven instead of deep-fried. Dunk 'em in chili mayo for the perfect balance of spicy and sour.

P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps Copycat Replicate the beloved P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps at home.

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To go all out on a from-scratch P.F. Chang's dinner, pair this restaurant appetizer with copycat Mongolian beef or a classic stir-fry.

Buffalo Wild Wings Ultimate Nachos Copycat Move over, chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings' nachos deserve the spotlight. 

These queso baked nachos may just change your go-to Buffalo Wild Wings order. And when they're this good, we're not mad about it!

If your concept of chalupas is from a popular fast food restaurant, the one in the photo may appear meager.  

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