Different cocktail party recipes  

Celery Stuffed with Olives My mom and I both learned how to make stuffed celery from our grandma.  

That stuffing tastes so good that you'll love it even if you don't like the ingredients separately.   

Fondue with three cheeses My daughter in France gave me this easy recipe. It's my favorite fondue now, and I make it for my family all the time.   

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Puffs of cheese This recipe for cheese puffs was in an old magazine that belonged to my mom.  

I changed the taste by adding cayenne pepper and mustard. These soft golden puffs are quick and easy to make, which is great for this busy time of year.  

Herb sauce for seafood cakes Since I live near the ocean, I can try out different kinds of seafood in my cooking.   

While this recipe calls for salmon and scallops, it would also work with shrimp, crab, lobster, or any hard whitefish, like halibut or even cod.  

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