Dog Breeds in the USA That Cherish Adoration

Bulldogs With bulldogs, you have friends who love to show affection just as much as they love to receive it.

They're a breed that loves to cuddle a lot and is known to get attached to their primary caregiver, so much so that people regard them as being too needy.

Chihuahuas Chihuahuas are some of the best pets for first-time owners, and they'll show anyone just how much joy a dog brings. 

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They'll give you long licks while you carry, stroke, and hug them. They are also so clingy that they develop separation anxiety when they aren't with you.

Newfoundlands Unlike chihuahuas, Newfoundlands extend their affection to everyone-you, strangers, other dogs, and even other types of pets

They're a large, easy-going breed that's got the nickname "nanny dog" because of how affectionate they are with children and within family settings.

Great Danes The great Danes are some of the biggest and sweetest dogs on our planet.

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