Dog Breeds in the USA That Seldom Bark  

Basenji According to Country Livings, “Basenjis are often described as ‘barkless’ dogs.

Due to the shape of their larynxes (voice boxes), they actually can’t bark in the traditional sense like other breeds.” 

Greyhound Greyhounds are dogs that are known to be more reserved. They’re very gentle and affectionate, making them great as family dogs.

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You’ll rarely witness a greyhound bark unless they’re extremely provoked.

Bulldog Due to the way they look, bulldogs are often misunderstood. They’re very relaxed and rarely bark, as they prefer a calm environment.

Their nature makes them great around children, and they’re relatively easy to look after.

Shiba Inu The Japanese Shiba Inu dog is a great dog to own if you live in an apartment.

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