Dog Breeds Too Loud to Be in the USA  

Beagles Beagles have a rich history as scent hounds, originally bred to hunt rabbits. 

This heritage has endowed them with an acute sense of smell and an instinctive drive to track scents.

Chihuahua These miniature dogs have voices that far exceed their size. 

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Known for their audible nature, Chihuahuas can be pretty yappy without the proper guidance and boundaries.

Miniature Pinscher One of the key reasons behind their talkertive tendencies is their solid territorial instincts. 

Miniature Pinschers are inherently protective of their home and family and prompt to sound the alarm at any sign of intrusion.

Dachshund Dachshunds, often affectionately called “wiener dogs,” were initially bred for hunting purposes, primarily to track

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