Dogs With a Fox-like Appearance

Dogs are descended from wolves, yet they are genetically related to foxes, therefore there are some striking similarities.  

Foxes, unlike dogs, are feral and untrainable, making them bad pets. All but 15 US states ban the ownership of foxes, yet popular dog breeds that resemble them are lawful.  

Icelandic sheepdog Icelandic sheepdogs date back to the Vikings.  

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These dogs seem like foxes, but they're larger than most. Their face and upright ears will make you look twice.  

Shiba Inu Shiba Inu are fox-like Japanese dogs. This breed looks almost like a fox due to its color and size.  

They are Japan's most popular companion dog and a historic hunting dog breed. Shiba Inus enjoy to play with their owners yet have separation anxiety.   

Akita Inu Family gives babies a little Akita Inu ornament to symbolize health, happiness, and longevity in Japanese culture.   

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