Easy Hawaiian-Inspired Recipes In USA  

From tropical cocktails to flavorful appetizers and satisfying main dishes, there’s a recipe to make you want to do a little hula dance

Tropical Hawaiian Fruity Lava Flow Cocktail The perfect lava flow cocktail recipe is creamy, sweet and fruity. 

This Hawaiian tropical drink resembles real lava flow hence the name. This cocktail with cream of coconut makes a lovely summer drink

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Fall off the Bone Slow Cooker Hawaiian Ribs Slow cooker Hawaiian ribs make such a good dinner.

It’s easy to make spare ribs Hawaiian style and there are plenty of side dish options which work great with them.

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad An easy Hawaiian macaroni salad recipe is always worth knowing

Not only is this a flavour-packed pasta salad but it also pairs beautifully with so many different dishes.

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