Every state's most famous dish  

Business Insider looked at the most famous foods from all over the country, from the "Fool's Gold" burger from Colorado to the famous deep-dish pizza from Illinois.  

Alabama recipe for chicken with white bbq sauce People say that Alabama's famous white barbecue  

sauce tastes both creamy and spicy. It is made with mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and ground black pepper.  

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Smoked fish from Alaska Alaska is known for its salmon, but it's not clear whether people there like it smoked, grilled, or fried in a pan.   

Salmon with veggies or a bagel and cream cheese are both traditional Alaskan foods that go well with the state's most famous fish.  

Arizona has Chimichangas. You might not know this, but Arizona is where the chimichanga was first made.

Tucson Foodie reported that two different restaurants in Tucson say they came up with the recipe for the dish,   

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