Except for these brands, all store-bought salsas are terrible In USA  

Its history in Latin America dates back before the Aztec empire, and it's evolved into countless varieties over the ages.

Best Classic Salsa: Green Mountain Gringo All the brands in the running for best classic salsa were, honestly, pretty abysmal.

Ithaca's Best Fresh Salsa The game has changed with the appearance of fresh salsas in the refrigerated department of the grocery store.  

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While it might not be as shelf-stable as a jarred salsa, it is still far closer to restaurant-caliber salsa than that.  

The Best Guacamole Salsa Verde: Herdez Salsa Salsa verde is frequently seen as the underdog in the salsa community.  

The tomatillo-based condiment isn't typically the star of the show; it usually goes well with classic red cuisine.  

However, after tasting Herdez's Guacamole Salsa, you'll see why it merits attention.  

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