Foods in the USA That You Can Eat With Mold  

Use a sharp knife to cut at least 1 inch around and under the mold spot. Make sure to avoid cutting the moldy spot itself, as this will contaminate the knife

Cured Meats Surface mold on cured meats such as hard salami and dry-cured country hams are totally normal.

Firm Fruits and Vegetables Firm fruits and vegetables such as carrots and bell peppers are still safe to eat

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As with hard cheese, cut 1 inch around and under the mold spot.b the mold off the surface, and you're good to use the meat for a charcuterie board.

Bread and Pastries Moldy bread or pastries should be tossed, as the mold may have penetrated beneath the bread's surface

Freshly baked breads and breads without preservatives are particularly prone to mold.

While refrigerating bread can help to keep mold at bay, it isn't the best practice for retaining taste

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