Foods That Are Worst for Your Immune System, According to US Experts  

Academic institutions like Harvard Health highlight that the health of your gut microbiome—trillions of beneficial microbes living in your intestines

Sugar Reaching for that holiday cookie, punch, or even wine might seem like innocent relief for your sweet tooth,

but what you’re doing is catapulting your blood glucose levels into hazardous elevation

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Processed meats might make a mouth-watering holiday breakfast or charcuterie board, but they’re also among the worst foods for your immune system.

These meats come packed with preservatives and saturated fat (the unhealthy type of fat you want to keep to a minimum

Refined grains Baked goods, pie, breads and even crackers can be among the worst foods for your immune system.

Not only are they nutritionally sparse, but they also lead to abrupt blood sugar fluctuations—suppressing your immune system 

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