Grandma's Secret Canning Recipes  

especially when it comes to picking watermelon rind, which tastes so good  

Apricot and Amaretto Jam My grandmother taught me how to make this thick, chunky apricot jam  

It's so nice to be able to give my family and friends something she made for her own! Shirley Wegner from Robinson, Illinois  

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Dill pickled green beans This recipe makes pickled green beans that are full of flavor.  

They will keep my vegetables fresh for months, if they last that long. I add some chili pepper to make it a little hotter.   

Pickled beets with spices Pickled beets are so tasty that they'll please almost everyone in your house.  

They taste sweet, sour, and spicy. Beets in jars also make great gifts. Edna Hoffman from Hebron, Indiana  

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