Grandmother's Favorite Vintage Strawberry Desserts  

Crumbled strawberry pie Every year before Labor Day, I have a party where people make pies.  

Every year, we have a pig roast on our farm, but the pies are the best part.   

Emily's Strawberry Cake for Mom His mom's strawberry cake recipe was a hit with my husband.  

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He didn't think anyone else could do it. It tastes just as good as he remembers it because I made it.   

Orange and Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Strawberry rhubarb cake was the only thing that would work with rhubarb  

and strawberries that wasn't a pie. The recipe is a great way to get someone who has never tried rhubarb before to try it.   

Sweet Strawberry Pillows These little pies that look like pies are filled with sweet strawberry preserves to make cookie trays extra special. Yum!   

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