Ground Beef Recipes Not Found in Cookbooks In USA

Ground beef is given a whole new spin, making dinner time anything from boring.  

Sloppy Joe Casserole. Consider your favorite Sloppy Joe flavors cooked into a soothing casserole  

that's both simple to prepare and popular with the entire family.  

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Beef & Barley Soup When the weather turns cold, nothing beats a bowl of Beef and Barley Soup to warm you up.   

This soup mixes delicate beef and healthy barley in a rich, delicious broth, making it an ideal comfort food. It's a rich, filling dish that feels like a bowl of comfort food.  

Million-Dollar Spaghetti This is not your typical pasta. Million Dollar Spaghetti combines the best of lasagna  

with conventional spaghetti, topped with a creamy, cheesy coating that transforms each forkful into a luxury experience.  

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