Homemade Cakes That Everyone Should Make At Least Once In USA

It's the secret ingredient in Ree Drummond's incredibly simple chocolate cake, and it can also be used to make her cake mix cookies.   

Lemon cake. Lemon juice and zest in both the cake and the frosting make each bite of this delectable treat vibrant and tasty.  

Chocolate Bundt cake. Attention all chocolate lovers! This amazing Bundt delivers a double dosage.  

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You can prepare it for any occasion, but it's really special when you match the sprinkles on top.  

Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Even if something is produced from scratch, you can still apply a few time-saving tricks.  

Raw honey takes on new dimensions in this recipe, while flaky sea salt balances the sweet filling.

To speed up the process, use canned pineapple slices and jarred cherries.  

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