How Much Is A 1936 Buffalo Nickel Worth? How Much Is A 1936 Buffalo Nickel Worth?  

Crafted by James Earle Fraser, the 1936 Buffalo Nickel boasts a design that captures the essence of the American West.  

On the obverse side, a proud Native American chief gazes stoically, symbolizing the spirit of the nation's indigenous peoples.  

Meanwhile, the reverse features a majestic American bison, representative of the abundant wildlife that once roamed the plains. 

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Fraser's meticulous attention to detail and artistic prowess elevate the Buffalo Nickel beyond its utilitarian purpose, transforming it into a miniature work of art.  

Each intricate line and contour tells a story of resilience, exploration, and the untamed beauty of the American frontier. 

Issued during the Great Depression era, the 1936 Buffalo Nickel carries with it the echoes of a turbulent time in American history.  

As the country grappled with economic hardship, these coins circulated as a symbol of stability and resilience. 

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