In the USA, a golden retriever takes part in the ring carrying ritual. 

From unique themes to personalized vows, modern weddings are all about celebrating love in ways that are meaningful to the couple. 

One trend that has gained popularity in recent years is incorporating beloved pets into the ceremony, and what better role for a furry friend than that of the ring bearer? 

Imagine this scene: A picturesque outdoor ceremony, the sun casting a warm glow over the gathering of friends and family.  

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In his mouth, he proudly carries the most precious tokens of love – the wedding rings. 

For many couples, their pets are cherished members of the family, so it's only natural to want them to play a special role in such an important event. 

And who better suited for the task of ring bearer than the loyal and gentle Golden Retriever?  

With their friendly disposition and eagerness to please, Golden Retrievers possess all the qualities needed to fulfill this important duty with grace and charm. 

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