In the USA, You Must Try These French Cakes  

Classic French cakes are ingredient-forward, celebrating the flavors of anything from chocolate to fruit without masking them with sugar. 

Frasier Two layers of delicate, fluffy genoise cake sandwich a luscious vanilla mousseline filling.

Genoise is a sponge cake that is enriched with egg yolks and butter.

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Bûche De Noël What holiday dessert tableau is complete without a bûche de Noël, or Yule log, as a centerpiece

This jelly-roll style cake is adorned with sugared decorations to resemble a real log topped with holly leaves and miniature mushrooms.

Croquembouche Traditionally prepared as a wedding cake in France, a towering croquembouche is more of an assemblage of pastry

Semantics aside, it's a wildly impressive labor of love. A tower of profiteroles filled with pastry cream is cemented in place by golden shards of caramel

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