Indications Your Dog Is Fighting a Disease in the USA  

Discomfort-inducing lump on the skin In the early stages of an infection, your dog might develop a bump on its skin filled with fluid.

It could be super hard to spot at first, especially if your dog has long or thick fur.

Showing signs of limping If your dog gets hurt around its limbs, you might notice it limping. 

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Remember, just like it’s painful for us, wounds hurt dogs too. Even though they might still try to join in on walks and play, you might see them doing it with a bit of a limp.

Noticing redness or loss of fur If you see your dog’s fur thinning or falling out around the wound or bite area, it could be a sign that the infection is getting worse.

If you take a closer look and notice redness, swelling, or even a crust forming where the wound is – it’s time to reach out to the vet for help. 

Experiencing excessive grooming and an unpleasant odor Dogs have this habit of trying to heal themselves by licking their wounds,

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