largest dog breeds that could make good pets  

They can be stubborn, like most terriers, but they're good with kids. The rough coat is pretty easy to care for; the AKC suggests cleaning it once a week.  

A Golden Retriever Golden Retrievers are loyal and smart, which is why they are one of the most famous dog breeds.   

They're great for people who like to be busy because they need a lot of exercise every day and like to play.   

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German Shepherd Dog German Shepherds look good, are very active, and are very smart.   

These dogs were first made in Germany to herd sheep. Now they're one of the most famous types of dogs in the U.S.  

Labrador Retriever Most people love Labrador Retrievers because they are very loyal and friendly.  

Bigger Swiss Mountain Dog "Swissies," which are short for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, are friendly dogs that also make great guard dogs.  

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