The Best Store-Brand Canned Tomatoes To Buy In US  

"Good & Gather has great canned tomatoes at a lower price point," he went on to say.  

A 28-ounce can costs less than $2 and has no synthetic colors or artificial additives.  

If you're not near a Target and want to try another affordable brand, Freeman recommends  

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"Hunt's canned tomatoes, and their San Marzano-style tomatoes [are] rated highly."  

San Marzano tomatoes are widely regarded as the gold standard of sauce tomatoes due to their sweet flavor, low acidity, and smooth texture.  

Hunt's "San Marzano-style" tomatoes are not strictly genuine San Marzanos, because the cultivar   

He adds that beefsteak tomatoes' thick flesh adds depth to sandwiches and burgers when grilled, roasted, or sauced.   

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