Our preferred pizza toppings In USA  

It’s never a question of “if,” it’s only a question of what toppings should be put on it.

Mushrooms Truth be told, we’re not actually huge fans of mushrooms on pizza.

if they’re really good shrooms, but definitely none of the canned variety. We don’t hate them, though, so they still earned a spot at the bottom of this ranking.

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Tomatoes We’ve had a grudge against tomatoes on pizza ever since we saw some restaurants selling white pizza with tomato slices and calling it “margarita,” 

Basil Basil is a divisive topping, and personally, we’re a little conflicted.

Steak Steak in the morning, steak in the evening, steak at supper time—when steak is on a pizza, you can eat steak anytime. 

Sliced steak makes an excellent topping, but be sure to give its prep as much care as you do for the pizza as a whole

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