Possess This Uncommon Quarter, Which Is Worth Up To $95,000? 

The 1970-S Proof Washington Quarter is not your ordinary pocket change. 

During the early 1970s, the United States Mint was transitioning from using silver to clad compositions for coinage. 

In 1965, the Mint began producing quarters composed of copper-nickel alloy (commonly referred to as clad), which became the standard for circulation coins. 

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For decades, the 1970-S Proof Washington Quarter was thought not to exist.  

However, in 1994, a few examples of this elusive coin surfaced, sending shockwaves through the numismatic community.  

Since then, only a handful of specimens have been found, adding to the mystique and allure of this extraordinary coin. 

What sets the 1970-S Proof Washington Quarter apart is its distinct characteristics. 

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