Recipes for Dinner in a Slow Cooker  

Roast Chicken in a Slow Cooker A slow cooker makes it easy to cook a whole chicken. We put the chicken that has been shreds away for busy weeks.   

Chicken with couscous for harvest time I can put this chicken in the slow cooker in the morning and still get to work on time, even on busy days.  

To finish off the meal, I make a green salad and crescent rolls when I get home.   

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Cranberry chicken cooked slowly I was looking for a fun way to use up the cranberries that were left over  

from Thanksgiving. It sounds like this wouldn't go together, but the effects are amazing!   

Pot Roast in Morocco We both like this spicy take on beef pot roast because my husband likes meat and I like vegetables.   

Buttermilk Pork Chops with Mushrooms Before I made the pork chops that my family thinks are perfect, I tried a few different recipes.  

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