Recipes that begin with a frozen corn bag  

When we have a lot of helpers to feed on our farm, this bright dish is also useful.   

Creamed corn with bacon cooked in a slow cooker My slow cooker is always empty after taking this very rich corn  

to a holiday dinner or work party. It's fancy, cozy, and well worth the extra money.   

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BBQ chicken tacos with bourbon A barbecue theme was what I chose for taco night because I wanted to try something different.   

Wedding Soup in the Southwest Style I made meatballs out of ground chicken that I had left over and came up with this warm Mexican soup.  

Strata with Mexican sausage and cornbread The great thing about my Mexican strata is that you can change it up based on the vegetables you have on hand.  

Cornbread with jalapeño and buttermilk You need a good cornbread recipe if you're from the South.   

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