Salsa Recipes with Orange Flavor 

These little orange cookies are my go-to holiday treat when citrus is in season in Florida, but you can eat them year-round.  

My Aunt Martha, who was 94 years old when she passed away, was the one who gave me this recipe. 

Vodka or rum could be easily substituted for water in nearly all of her cake recipes. 

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One of my family's favorite orange sweets is this recipe for Harvey Wallbanger Cake that she pinned to her kitchen cabinet. 

For celebrations and other special events, I whip up these zesty cookies, and the imperfect ones are always delicious. 

In order to keep my loved ones happy, I had to begin making more "mistakes" over time. 

Featuring Florida oranges in both the cake and frosting, this recipe for orange juice cake is a show-stopper.  

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