Simple American Chocolate Frosting Recipe  

This easy chocolate frosting recipe is great for a last minute chocolate fix and comes together in about ten minutes.

Chocolate Frosting Ingredients To make this easy frosting, you might have everything you need already. Here is what it takes.

Butter (softened) Cocoa Confectioner’s Sugar Heavy whipping cream or milk

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Pure vanilla extract Salt (leave this out if you are using salted butter) Once you have everything you need,

How to make Chocolate Frosting First, make sure the butter is softened but not melted. This will make the process so much easier.

Then, use an electric mixer to cream the butter. I recommend a nice deep mixing bowl for this because you have a lot of dry ingredients to add.

Starting with the cocoa, add a spoonful or two at a time so it doesn’t make a mess. Ask me how I know.

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