Simple Homemade Recipe for Kentucky Derby Pie in USA  

Keep reading to learn more about this dessert's unique history and how to make the best Kentucky Dewberry pie at home

What ingredients are used to make Kentucky Debt pie? This pie starts with a filling consisting of chocolate chips, walnuts, sugar, eggs, bourbon and other ingredients. 

Once combined, this mixture is poured into a prepared pie crust and baked. The fully baked and cooled pie is then sliced before serving.

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This pie's fascinating history In 1954, Leaudra, Walter and George Kern invented this treat at the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky. 

The blend of ingredients produced a sweet and nutty dessert with a name that the family picked out of a hat: Derby Pie.

Fast forward to today, their family business called Kern's Kitchen makes almost 130,000 pies each year to sell in stores and online.

To get around this, Lia Garcia, co-founder at Louisville Food Tours, explains that establishments in Kentucky use various names for their version of the pie

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