Six More Worth Over $100K and the Top Eight Most Expensive Rare Bicentennial Quarters for Ten Million 

The absence of a mint mark distinguishes this quarter as one of the rarest in existence.  

Only a handful were mistakenly minted at the Philadelphia Mint without the customary "P" or "D" mark.  

With its scarcity, collectors are willing to pay exorbitant prices, some exceeding the $10 million mark. 

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A minting error resulted in a double die impression on the reverse side of this quarter, making it a coveted item among numismatists.  

The doubling effect enhances its uniqueness, driving its value to astonishing heights. 

Proof coins are struck using specially polished dies and planchets, resulting in immaculate finishes. 

A 1976 Bicentennial Quarter in flawless proof condition fetches considerable sums at auctions, particularly when accompanied by certification from reputable grading agencies. 

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