Some Unidentified foods that are banned in the USA  

Some foods, however, are very impossible to find in the United States due to their inclusion on the restricted foods list.  

Epoisses Cheese Époisses has a pungent odor and a robust flavor  

This is because the cheese is created from unpasteurized, raw milk and is less than 60 days old.  

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Silver Dragees Silver sprinkles are prevalent on baked products, particularly around the holidays, but the FDA warns against eating them.   

The sprinkles are technically categorized as inedible because silver is not permitted to be used as an additive or color non food.   

Foie gras While foie gras is legal in other regions of the country, it is not permitted in California.  

Foie gras is controversial because it is made by force-feeding ducks and geese, which causes their livers to swell considerably larger than normal, resulting in a painful condition.  

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