Springtime Allergies in Dogs: What Are They? 

Many different allergens might set off spring allergies, but they all share the trait of being extremely annoying.  

As the seasons change and life returns to its natural state following winter, it's unfortunate that not just people but all living things experience the common cold and sneezing.  

Our four-legged pals aren't immune to spring allergies, either. What's more, 

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they can't tell us what's wrong and won't find temporary relief from over-the-counter medications like Benadryl.  

If your dog suffers from terrible spring allergies, the first thing you can do to help them is to identify the allergen and do your best to avoid or minimize exposure to it. 

If your dog starts sniffling around the beginning of spring, you might want to check this list of the most frequent allergens for dogs. 

For both canines and humans, pollen is perhaps the most common allergen.  

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