The Best Comfort Food Recipes in the USA    

From easy one-pots to creamy, cheesy pasta dishes, indulgent bakes, and perfect pies, these tasty dishes will boost your mood and soothe your soul.

French toast-style bacon crumpets An indulgent brunch is a sure-fire way to add cheer to your weekend and these decadent crumpets are just the thing.

They're first coated in an egg mixture flavored with shards of crispy bacon and grated Parmesan, then cooked to squidgy, golden perfection.

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Baked artichokes and eggs This hearty, Spanish-inspired brunch dish from TV chef James Martin combines artichokes,

 tomatoes, peppers, and eggs with paprika, onions, and garlic for a warming taste sensation.

Sweet potato, feta and red onion frittata In this recipe, a simple omelette is given a glamorous upgrade thanks to caramelized onions, cubes of tender sweet potato, and salty feta

Fear not, there’s no tricky flipping involved – once the base has set, it's flashed under a hot grill to brown and melt the cheese.

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