The Best Cookie Recipes in USA

Jumbo Brownie Cookies Main Ingredients: Chocolate baking chips, chocolate chunks, butter, eggs, all-purpose flour

Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies Total Time: 25 minutes Main Ingredients: Shortening, peanut butter, brown sugar, eggs

An easy recipe made with pantry staples, this is the kind of cookie to whip out when you just feel like making cookies. 

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Vanilla Meringue Cookies Total Time: 1 hour Main Ingredients: Egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar

Meringue cookies are delightfully sweet and light, and they can be made into so many different flavors (although vanilla is just perfect)

First-Place Coconut Macaroons Total Time: 30 minutes Main Ingredients: Sweetened coconut, egg whites, flour, sugar

When baking coconut macaroons, it’s important to control the moisture so they don’t spread too much on the cookie sheet.

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