The best lemonade drinks for summer  

In the Christmas season, they're just as nice. Add two more things to make a drink that everyone will enjoy.   

Spiked Lemonade Rum makes this great homemade lemonade taste more tropical. Try vodka instead of the rum if you have it on hand  

Lemonade from Kentucky Adding bourbon and mint to this drink gives it a Kentucky kick.  

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Champagne Punch with Bubbles The fancy drink we serve at special parties is still this champagne punch, which was served at my wedding.  

Lemonade Slush with Rhubarb This is a great way to enjoy rhubarb with my family.  

It's handy to keep in the freezer and serve when people come over. Rhubarb is tasty for everyone, even those who don't normally like it.  

Sparkling pink wine punch This sparkling drink has been a tradition in our house for a long time.   

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